Capturing Confidence

Words can not express how excited I am to complete my final semester at St. Mary’s University. My college experience has been filled with plenty of trials and victories. This semester, I have a multitude of thoughts filling my head, especially after the first day of classes.

After my first day attending my Media Production course, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness. All of the assignments seem challenging, but I’ve learned that confidence is formed from experience, and this class will give me the experience that I need to achieve confidence in my work. Working as an Event Planning Intern for The San Antonio Parks Foundation, I have learned the true importance of experience in web design, graphic design, photo editing and other technological talents. I am excited to learn what it takes to capture an exceptional photo and create it into an eye-capturing advertisement that I could use for future campaigns and event marketing. I am also excited to gain experience in interviewing other individuals and learning how to make that interview stand out professionally and creatively. The challenge of balancing classwork and outside commitments is always challenging during the semester, but I believe that this course will make me passionate about my work and this will motivate me to dedicate time whenever I can to learn and perfect my work.

Every class that I have attended at St. Mary’s has been a beneficial academic experience, but most importantly, these courses have been a beneficial personal experience. Knowing what I know about the course and its talented instructor, Brother Dennis, I am very excited and confident.